Pursuing a career in the local health care industry, no matter what your profession is, may be one of the best decisions you can make.

According to Gary Hart, vice president of Human Resources for Intermountain Health Care, "health care will remain one of the most stable industries nationally and locally, even if we experience a national recession."Health care in Utah is particularly strong, due to the number of providers," said Hart. Statewide, there are more than 50 hospitals, urban and rural, to serve the health care and medical needs of nearly two million residents. We have a wide range of career opportunities continuously available for Utah's health care professionals as well as managerial and administrative."

Intermountain Health Care offers many opportunities for professions in health care and administrative fields. With currently more than 15,000 employees, IHC is one of the largest employers in the Intermountain West.

Nearly 3,000 private practicing health care professionals are affiliated with IHC and perform a wide variety of health services at IHC's 24 hospitals and numerous clinics.

Hospitals include LDS Hospital, Primary Children's Medical Center, Cottonwood and Alta View Hospitals, Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, McKay-Dee Hospital Center and Logan Regional Medical Center.

"A broad range of medical and administrative career opportunities are available at IHC," said Hart. "We are in particular need of nurses, entry level and advanced, and offer some very competitive packages and benefits."

IHC employees doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, radiologists, laboratory technologists, and numerous other health care professionals.

Non-medical professionals include programmers, secretaries, housekeepers, marketers, accountants, financial analysts, data processors, transcriptionists, social workers, audiologists, groundskeepers, delivery personnel, drivers, and professionals in human resources, public relations, and customer service.

IHC is comprised of four key networks, all of which offer exciting career opportunities:

1. Delivery through our 24 hospitals and 22 urban and rural primary care clinics, psychiatric hospital facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, women's centers, centralized blood bank, home health and rehabilitation services, and other delivery services.

2. IHC Health Plans which designs, markets and administers alternative finance and delivery systems in order to allow more people to have comprehensive medical insurance. IHC Health Plans currently offers health maintenance organizatiion (HMO), preferred organization (PPO) and group health care plans.

3. A comprehensive information system that is nationally recognized as one of the most efficient networks in the country.

4. IHC Affiliated Services, Inc., which provides shared services, such as group purchasing and central laundry services for IHC's 240 affiliate institutions.

IHC offers numerous advantages and benefits to its employees, ranging from flexible health care insurance, day care, competitive salaries, tuition reimbursement, free educational opportunities, and numerous other benefits.

"We anticipate further growth in health care in the Intermountain region, despite the downward trends that are predicted nationwide," said Hart. "Because IHC is a system of strong networks, we are able to provide employees with growth opportunities and job stability," said Hart.

Intermountain Health Care is a not-for-profit health care organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, that serves the health needs of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming residents.

IHC manages a comprehensive regional health care system ranging from neighborhood clinics, blood banks, and drug dependency programs to hospitals, home nursing and health insurance plans. Annually, the IHC Foundation and IHC hospitals donate millions of dollars in free health care for the needy.