The relationship between Utah and the federal government was germane to a couple of bills considered in the House Education Committee.

The committee passed a resolution asking that federal formulas for distributing education funds to the states be changed. Under current formulas, Utah gets less per student than any state in the union.The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Kim Burningham, R-Bountiful, passed unanimously. Legislators will support continued study of the issues and will press Utah's congressional delegation to work toward more equity in the formulas.

In addition, the committee passed unanimously a bill that would create a task force to study issues related to Utah's school trust lands. In recent years, questions have been raised regarding the management of the lands and the state's seeming inability to raise significant amounts of money for education.

Rep. Richard Bradford, R- Sandy, the sponsor, said income from the trust lands would alleviate tax loads. His bill calls for a 10-member committee, including three senators and seven representatives.