Lawmakers, in a resolution, officially praised University of Utah President Chase N. Peterson Tuesday for his eight years at the institution's helm, saying he has "an exemplary mix of talents as administrator, chief executive officer, fund-raiser, advocate, leader, diplomat and visionary."

With Peterson's June 30, 1991, retirement, the resolution reads, "the state of Utah loses an insightful education statesman who has effectively articulated a persuasive case for higher education in legislative chambers, throughout the state, and across the nation."In other higher education business, the Education Committee recommended passage of a bill that would require that a member of the board of regents be assigned from each of the counties where an institution of higher education is located. The 16 regents now are appointed at large, with instructions to the governor to be cognizant of geographical representation. The bill would mandate representation from counties where the colleges and universities are located to assure that the individual institution concerns were amply represented, said Rep. R. Haze Hunter, R-Cedar City, the bill's sponsor.

The committee vote was 9-6 in favor of Hunter's proposal.