According to the Sewing Fashion Council, the '90s is the decade of the family and a return to traditional values. The family may not be able to control the outside world, but it can control the home. And, in more and more instances, the home is becoming a personal statement of a family's lifestyle and interests.

This statement is not limited to affluent homeowners. Even families on tight budgets are finding ways to redecorate their homes - thanks to tips from department stores, sewing councils and pattern companies.- FOR EXAMPLE, J.C. Penney offers many suggestions to facilitate home face lifts. Last year, the company published a video and a pamphlet titled "Decorating with Sheets." Photographs of practically every room in the house reveal how sheets are an invitation to imaginative home decorating.

We're talking about curtains, valances, screens, tablecloths, table runners, slipcovers, canopies, window swags, balloon shades and shower curtains. Although some of the decorating ideas are multistep, others call for simple hems; and some can be made with no sewing at all.

The booklet contains step-by-step instructions for creating your own imaginative decorations developed by J.C. Penney and Home magazine. The suggested retail price for this handy 22-page booklet is $1.50, and is available in most J.C. Penney stores. The video costs $10.

- THE SEWING FASHION COUNCIL has a wide selection of sewing projects to beautify the home. Some of its most recent ideas are centered around country, Southwestern and Byzantine influences.

The timeless appeal of country can be easily added to bedcovers, pillows and curtains by embellishing them with lace, ribbon and ruffle accents. The Southwest theme fits in perfectly with today's "back-to-nature" trend. The luxurious Byzantine look, full of rich colors (bronze, cognac and sapphire) and textures (velvets, moires and paisley), is created by adding tassels, fringes and cording.

From slipcovers to pillows, make-it-yourself home decorating is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your home. Slipcovers breathe new life into your furniture. Floral patterns can turn the interior of your home into a flower garden - a welcome retreat from the snow and ice outside the home.

Stylish window treatments can also create a desired mood. From classic curtain styles to simple touches such as draping and tiebacks, there are countless ways to create picture-perfect windows.

Patterned trim can add drama to plain tablecloths, place mats, and curtains. Trim is a quick, sew-easy way to coordinate colors and patterns.

However, the Sewing Fashion Council advises that before you purchase huge quantities of materials for decorating, do the following:

- Take home swatches of the fabric and see if the color, texture, mood and style of the fabric blends well with your furnishings.

- Check to make sure the fabric is treated for home decorating projects.

- See how fabric appears when held up in direct sunlight, especially for window treatments; you may get a different effect thanwhat you expect.

For 10 country design ideas and instructions, send your name, address and $2 to "Sewing Country for the Home," c/o The Sewing Fashion Council, P.O. Box 431M, Madison Square Station, New York, NY 10010.

- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO. has just introduced the Abbie's Jiffy Six Pack, a time-saving craft and home-decorating collection.

Named after Abbie Small, Simplicity's craft and home decorating director, the collection includes personalized tips as well as Jiffy Cut Tissue pattern pieces that have been pre-arranged so you can place the whole tissue sheet right on your fabric for pinning and cutting. This means less time for pattern layout and more time for creative sewing.

The six designs include two patterns for curtain make-overs. The other four designs are time-saving craft projects - a bunny boutique, cats galore, doll clothes and an applique apron.

This collection is filled with easy instructions and sewing tips. Stop by your favorite fabric store for these and other new Simplicity patterns.