The cost of doing business at home just went up in Pleasant Grove.

The City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night that raises the cost of a home-occupation business license from $30 to $50, which is the rate charged commercial businesses.Some commercial business owners felt home business operations were being given a competitive edge because of the lower fee, Mayor David Holdaway said.

Doug Bezzant, community development director, told council members the $30 fee the city charged did not adequately cover the cost of administering, investigating and regulating home businesses. There are approximately 300 such businesses in Pleasant Grove.

"I spend the same or more time regulating home-occupation businesses (as commercial businesses)," Bezzant said.

In addition, the city receives more complaints about home businesses than about commercial businesses, council member Keith Christeson said.

Having equal fees for commercial and home occupation businesses is "fair and equitable," said council member Mary West.

"A business is a business is a business," she said. "It doesn't matter where it is."

Resident David Gaines told the council that increasing the fee might actually cause fewer residents to seek home business licenses.

Council members said that was a matter of enforcement, not equity, and voted to approve the resolution.