Mark W. Hofmann, convicted of two pipe-bomb killings has been transferred to the Utah State Prison's Special Services Dormitory with the hope that treatment there will make him easier to manage.

The special services area holds as many as 130 inmates in a medium-security dormitory setting.Hofmann has attempted suicide twice while in prison and continues to show signs of depression, said Gerald Cook, director of institutional operations at the prison. Prison staff determined Hofmann may benefit from special services' programs and by having more interaction with inmates, Cook said.

Hofmann pleaded guilty in January 1987 in the bombing deaths of Steven F. Christensen and Kathleen Sheets on Oct. 15, 1985. He has been housed in the prison's maximum security unit, not because he is an escape or security threat, but rather because of his notoriety and because his suicide attempts and other personality traits have warranted the closer supervision guards have over inmates in maximum security.