Here's a trivia question to cap off the Harlem Globetrotters 65th Anniversary Tour.

If the 1926 Globetrotters played the 1991 Globetrotters, which team would win?ANSWER: They both would.

The Globetrotters haven't built an international reputation by being second best. They have a better won-lost record than Mike Tyson.

And this week in Utah they've been up to their old tricks.

Some of the gags, of course, have been around all 65 years. The faces have changed, the routines have remained. The old "throw water on the crowd" routine, the "lop-sided basketball," the "kiss the ref" gambit, the "basketball on a string".

But as with religious rituals and patriotic holidays, people keep coming back to see the same stuff over and over.

The real fun, however, is watching the faces of kids who are getting in on it all for the first time.

My eight-year-old, Felicia, for instance.

FELICIA: Which team do you want to win?

ME: Oh, I don't care, I just like to see a good game.

FELICIA: I like the blue team best.

ME: The Globetrotters?

FELICIA: Is that their name?

ME: Yes.

FELICIA: I like them. This is my first real basketball game, you know.

ME: I know.

Headlining the troupe this time around - in the greet tradition of all the classic Globetrotter goof-offs named after animals ("Meadowlark," "Geese," etc.) - is "Sweet Lou" Dunbar. Large and loud, Sweet Lou took a header in the Salt Lake show on Monday - twisting an already twisted knee - but he gamely played on. And played hard. The name of the game for the Trotters is "Let 'em see you sweat."

Lou's buddies featured the usual skills: Tyrone Brown, who could vertically leap over a Honda Civic; the woman whiz, Sandra Hodge, dribbler Osborne Lockhart - all with nicknames like "Hollywood," Skywalker," "Special K" and "The Wizard."

And like the sale of McDonald hamburgers, the figures hung up by the Trotters are unreachable. They've played in 110 countries now, played before hundreds of millions of fans.

And, as expected, their competition Monday - the Washington Generals - were as hapless as ever.

As expected, the referees were as animated and lenient as ever.

In the end, somewhere around their 35th Anniversary Tour, a Globetrotter game stopped being mere entertainment. The games became celebrations of American fun, sport and style. The Trotters as much a part of our Americana as apple pie, Mom and baseball.

The Trotters won on Monday, by the way.

They won going away.