The Juab County Sheriff's Department will get a new two-way radio system to replace the deteriorating one now being used to dispatch officers and emergency personnel.

Commissioners approved the new console, cable and antennas during their commission meeting Monday.Leon Winters, civil defense director for the county, has been seeking the radio for more than a year. When commissioners set the budget for 1991 they approved $68,366 for the purchase.

Winters said he hopes the system can be installed and operational by Easter. The Little Sahara sand dunes attract thousands of Easter visitors each year and the system needs to be in top working order by then.

Motorola representative Darin Hansen was on hand to explain about the radio system to commissioners. His company, he said, has the state bid and, therefore, the company will sell to the county according to the terms of the state bid.

The county must make a 20 percent down payment of $13,673 in January after the 1990 budget is closed. Another 40 percent must be paid on delivery and the last 40 percent must be paid when the system is installed, in working order, and is approved by the sheriff's office, said Hansen.