Ned Jensen, judge of the Ephraim and Manti city courts, has been appointed judge of the newly organized Sanpete Precinct Court by the County Commission.

The Sanpete Precinct Court was formed by the consolidation of the North Sanpete Court, with headquarters in Mt. Pleasant, and the South Sanpete Precinct Court, which has its offices at the county courthouse in Manti.The commissioners considered 11 applicants for the position and interviewed five of them in the selection process.

The new precinct court will have its offices in the courthouse. Still to be determined are the judge's and secretary's salaries and the court schedules, according to Commissioner Robert Bessey.

A proposed schedule would have Jensen holding trial court each Wednesday and available to the court on each of the other four work days of the week.

The Sanpete Precinct Court will handle class B and C misdemeanors, various minor infractions and small-claims cases. Sanpete County will finance the court and receive the revenue from fines and forfeitures. The new system, which eliminates one judge and office, is expected to save taxpayer money.

Sanpete County's 1991 budget estimates revenues from the court at $100,000 and expenses at $48,783.

Jensen has been both the Manti and Ephraim city judge for several years. A native of Moroni, he is a graduate of Snow College and Weber State University. He is an active member of the Justice of the Peace Association of Utah.

By law, precinct courts are now a part of the state judicial system and their judges are selected by appointment rather than election.

Wilford Warren, Mt. Pleasant, the judge of the North Sanpete Precinct Court, and Boyd Brady, Gunnison, the judge of the South Sanpete Precinct Court, did not apply for appointment to the newly consolidated court.

They did, however, support the consolidation as a way to provide the public with better access to the judicial system.