New bills filed in the Utah Legislature:SB58 (Rees) - Changes definitions of local health boards.

SB59 (Myrin) - Authorizes local police agencies to use photo radar in limited circumstances.

SB60 (McMullin) - Prohibits drinking in and around a vehicle that is either on or off a highway.

SB61 (Storey) - Allows counties to levy tax collection and assessment fees.

SB62 (C.A. Peterson) - Requires certification of wastewater treatment and sewage system operators.

SB63 (Bunnell) - Allows limited retail facilities on the premises of a winery.

SB64 (Black) - Increases legislators' pay from $65 a day to $100 a day.

SCR2 (Hillyard) - Declares 1991 as the bicentennial year of the Bill of Rights.

SCR3 (Hillyard) - Proclaims the Bill of Responsibilities of the Freedoms at Valley Forge, and exhorts Utahns to embrace these responsibilities.

SJR5 (McMullin) - Expresses appreciation for all the special districts in Utah.

SJR6 (McMullin) - Urges the state auditor to train members of special districts.

New bills filed in the House:

HB128 (Adams) - Delays the application of a Board of Education levy that requires an election and requires school districts to pay the costs of special elections.

HB129 (Lyon) - Amends the requirements for financing statements and continuation statements in certain circumstances.

HB130 (LeBaron) - Exempts new construction at institutions of higher education from the percent-for-art program.

HB131 (Bradford) - Creates a task force for strategic planning for public and higher education and defines its powers and duties.

HB132 (Jones) - Establishes a task force to study health care cost control and access and appropriates $50,000 for staffing costs.

HCR9 (Johnson) - Urges President Bush to designate the Ghost Squadron of the Confederate Air Force as the United States ambassador for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of World War II.

HCR10 (Bradford) - Honors the late James R. Moss for his dedicated service in strengthening education in Utah.