LOWELL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL gets behind Don't Waste Utah campaign: Students at the Salt Lake elementary school are putting their minds to work for the Utah Department of Transportation's anti-litter drive.

Students have produced posters of the anti-litter heroes, Max and his dog, Hoover, with accompanying slogans about conservation and the environment as part of a poster/slogan contest."Our students have a genuine concern about the environment and are quite aware of environmental issues," said Marti Frankovich, Lowell's principal. "This contest is designed to provide an opportunity for the children to involve themselves in the Don't Waste Utah campaign and help keep Utah free from litter."

"I really enjoy being a part of what these kids do in behalf of the campaign," said James Andrews, who plays the character of Max in the Don't Waste Utah TV commercials. "The litter problem is improving around the state, and a lot of the credit should go to students and programs like this one at Lowell Elementary."

- LAWYERS WILLING TO PART WITH BLOOD: During the winter post-holiday season, people often forget to make their regular blood donations. Local blood banks are encouraging people to help restock those banks at this time of the year.

The Young Lawyer Section of the Utah State Bar encourages the public as well as all members and friends of the legal community "to roll up your sleeve" and donate.

The drive runs through Jan. 18.

"We are targeting downtown attorneys and law firms officing near the Eagle Gate Tower. However, all attorneys and the public are invited to stop by and donate. Some curious people might like to come by and see blood being drawn from an attorney," stated Brian M. Barnard, chairman of the blood drive. "Some bleeding-heart liberal attorneys will be donating as well as some bloodthirsty prosecutors," he said.

"Start the year off right with a donation of life-giving blood" said Barnard. "For attorneys and members of the legal community unable to donate at the on-site blood draw, we encourage them to visit a nearby hospital and give a pint of blood between Jan. 11 and 18."

For more information, call Brian Barnard, 328-9532, or Jim Haisley, 328-6000.

- HARD OF HEARING? If you are hard of hearing or a friend of the hard of hearing, you are invited to the next meeting of the Utah Chapter of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH). It will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16, at the Utah Community Center for the Deaf, 388 N. 400 East, Bountiful.

Further information is available from the following: In the Layton area, Max K. Kennedy, 544-9753; in the Ogden area, Laura Homer, 825-8154; in the Salt Lake area, Dianna M. Smith, 467-0170; or in the Bountiful area, Douglas Roberts, 292-6508.