Juab County commissioners signed agreements with US WEST to allow the telephone company to begin collecting 50 cents a month from each telephone customer to pay for 911 service.

"US WEST collects the money," said Don Eyre Jr., Juab County attorney.The company will use half of the money to set up the data base, and the other half will come back to the county.

The resolution was unanimously adopted by the commission.

Juab County has received permission from Utah County commissioners to use equipment in the Utah County Sheriff's Department. Calls made to 911 will be received in Utah County and will automatically and instantly be switched back to the Juab County Sheriff's Department, where a dispatcher will immediately send emergency equipment and personnel to the caller.

Using the Utah County system will save the Juab County taxpayer money. The system will cost Juab approximately $11,000 as opposed to $100,000 if all the equipment were located in Juab County.

Copies of the resolution will be sent to both US WEST and to the Public Service Commission.