An 8-month-old infant thwarted a would-be burglar's attempt to steal a clock radio, the baby's sister said.

Eight-month-old Selman Walker was sleeping next to his 17-year-old sister, Roxanne, when a burglar apparently tried to reach through the window and take the radio, police said. But the baby grabbed the cord, Roxanne Walker said Thursday."Anything that moves, the baby will grab it," she said. "I felt something moving and then the baby started laughing. I guess he thought it was funny."

She described herself as a sound sleeper but said she was awakened by the baby being tugged from the window, which opens onto an alleyway.

"I grabbed him and then I screamed," she said, adding that the thief panicked, let go of the radio and fled. She only saw a hand and could not give police an accurate description of the man.