Tons of magazines, letters and free mail samples, some more than 3 years old, were found in the home of a mail carrier, but his customers apparently never missed the missing mail, officials said.

"I've seen this type of thing before, but never of this magnitude," said postal investigator Richard Jordan. "Right now, we're overwhelmed."Authorities responding to a tip from a neighbor raided the carrier's home Monday and found the undelivered mail, some of it badly deteriorated and infested with bugs, piled in the house, packed into a storage shed and littering the surrounding woods.

Investigators had hauled away "several truckloads" by Thursday and could give no estimate of how much had been seized, except that it was in the tons and had filled 16 3-by-3-by-4-feet-deep postal bins.

Jordan said about 32 bins full of mail remained to be collected Friday - 16 from the shed and another 16 from the woods. About 500 to 600 pieces of first-class mail were among the items found.

"We amazed ourselves when we found more today," he said Thursday after a trek in the woods surrounding the house. Examples of the bulk mail included sweepstakes envelopes and diaper samples.