A 45-year-old man and his 19-year-old son were arrested Tuesday night after Metro Narcotics Strike Force officers raided a home and found illegal drugs and a small arsenal.

The officers, acting on a no-knock warrant, used a percussion grenade to blow out a window on the ground floor of the two-story frame house at 418 E. 7800 South about 10 p.m., Lt. Bill Shelton said.Once inside, the narcotics team found 21/2 pounds of marijuana and 80 hits of LSD, Shelton said.

Officers also found about 20 rifles and 17 handguns. Shelton said most of the handguns were loaded but most of the rifles were not.

Officers also found $5,000 in cash, a blasting cap and four fully loaded magazines for an Uzi machine gun, though they did not find an automatic assault weapon to match the ammunition, Shelton said.