President Bush's son, Jeb, is looking for a maid who's a legal U.S. resident. A maid who had worked at Bush's Miami home for three years was deported back to her native Honduras last week.

Bush was out jogging when immigration agents showed up so his wife, Columba, had to deal with them. "She indicated, `Yes, she works here,' brought the lady out, and the two agents showed her the deportation order," said Richard Smith, director of the INS's Miami office. "She said, `Yes, I've been expecting that.' "Smith said the maid had used up all of her appeals in the immigration judicial hearing process and "it was time for her to depart." Bush called the following day to make sure that the woman had been deported safely.

"He indicated they had no problem with the two agents coming to the house," Smith said. "They were only concerned the lady got home safely.""