Sen. Eldon Money, D-Spanish Fork, believes that fathers of babies born to adolescent mothers should carry more financial responsibility for their offspring. He also believes the adult parents of adolescent mothers should bear financial responsibility for their grand-children.

Money has introduced a bill aimed at getting such financial support, an effort that may keep some teenage mothers and their babies off of state welfare rolls.Money's bill says if the teenage mother is on welfare, the state can turn to the baby's father, whether he's a teenager or not, or to the teenage mother's parents. If the teenage mother is deemed ungovernable, the parents aren't financially responsible. Nor are they responsible if the teenage mother is in custody of the juvenile court.

If the teenage mother's parents are divorced, the non-custodial parent isn't financially responsible unless the divorce court has ordered him or her to pay medical or hospital insurance for the daughter - then the parent too is financially responsible to repay welfare costs.