Saying talk is no longer enough after the weekend's violent crackdown in Lithuania, envoys from the Baltic republics asked the United States to turn words into action against the Soviet Union.

And that action appeared to be nearer as Congress reacted Monday to the crackdown by the Soviet army."We asked the United States to give a signal to the Kremlin to the effect that if force is used in the Baltic region something will happen, " said Stasys Lozoraitis, charges d'affaires of the Lithuanian legation, after he and heads of the Latvian and Estonian legations met with State Department officials.

"A signal is not only words, but it is also action," Lozoraitis said at a news conference at the Lithuanian legation following the 45-minute meeting with Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ray Seitz and other officials.

But while Lozoraitis said he was "pleased" with the reaction at the State Department, members of Congress were already proposing a variety of actions to condemn the killing of at least 14 people Sunday when Soviet soldiers in tanks seized the Lithuanian television center in the capital city of Vilnius.

"With the weekend's disturbing events in Lithuania, we need to re-examine certain aspects of our new relationship with Moscow," said Senate Republican leader Bob Dole of Kansas.