The guests never showed up, but the University of Utah Institutional Council welcomed them anyway.

Throughout the council's monthly meeting Monday, council members anticipated the arrival of the International Olympic Committee's site evaluation team. Council members and U. officials wondered aloud after every agenda item whether to proceed with the agenda or wait for the IOC's arrival.A portable billboard that welcomed IOC members to Salt Lake City was parked outside the Alumni House, where the Institutional Council was meeting. The council - the University's governing board - had ready a resolution extending the U.'s "warmest welcome" and expressing strong support for Utah's bid to host the 1998 winter games.

One by one, the agenda items were ticked off. The IOC members, who had been attending a breakfast at the home of U. President Chase N. Peterson did not arrive.

Finally, Council Chairman James S. Jardine, who had skipped the Institutional Council meeting to be with the IOC group, called to say the IOC's appearance was off. He later said the "very productive" talks with the IOC meeting had run long thus preventing their meeting with the Institutional Council.

Undaunted, the council unanimously approved its welcoming resolution anyway.