The key to raising the environmental conscience of the nation from concern to action is education. To make environmental awareness really work we need to get the people involved, to let them know that their efforts really matter. Middle America needs to know that even recycling makes a big difference. Most people didn't grow up during what is now called the environmental era. These are the people we need to teach and persuade and have them teach and persuade their children. With everyone trying we can beat the environmental blues.

One way to teach and persuade is to have the government endorse our efforts. Spending more time, effort and money on the environment would be a good start. The federal government has shown signs of improvement in the past year, but there are still many things they could do. For example, they could establish more recycling centers. My town, Kaysville, recently got its first drop-off point. This has made my family more apt to recycle. The easier it becomes to work for the environment the more people will get involved.But it's not only the government's responsibility, it's our responsibility also. If people would understand what is happening and the serious effect it has on their quality of life, more people would be willing to change. We could do this in many ways: Hold free lectures and classes on how we can help; get celebrities to lead out; form groups promoting products that are environmentally safe; and, even as simple as it may seem, writing to their congressman to let them know we are concerned about the environment.

If people are excited and willing to work then they will. They will recycle. They will use safe products. They will volunteer their time and money. They will save the planet.

The key to creating the environmental vision is education. Without it we are lost. With it we will win.