Minority Leader Frank Pignanelli (D-Salt Lake): "It's a courageous move and I respect him for that. What he's done is frame the bill. Now it will take a two-thirds margin in each house to override the veto. I think if it's terribly unconstitutional, that bill will have a terrible time passing."

Minority Whip Kelly Atkinson (D-West Jordan): "He's willing to pass a good bill, but the condition is it has to be a constitutional bill. Right now, I don't believe the current bill is constitutional."Rosa Goodnight, Right to Life of Utah: "I do feel it's a threat. You can override a governor's veto. But I really don't think we're going to be put in that situation. I think we're all open-minded enough and we all want to save babies. (A bill) can be worked out."

Lynn Martinez, Utah Pro Choice Coalition: "What we may see is a bill that is considered to be less restrictive." But the coalition will oppose any effort to restrict abortions because restrictions place "women's lives in danger."