Two Orem men face charges after being arrested in connection with two racially motivated attacks.

Louis Ivie, 20, and Travis Martin, 21, are in custody in the Utah County Jail after their arrests Saturday night. They were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday morning on a number of charges in the 4th Circuit Court.Judge George Backlund on Monday set bail for the two men at $200,000 each.

Orem Police spokesman Gerald Nielsen said two people attacked a man leaving a convenience store at 145 W. 800 North about 3:15 p.m. Saturday.

The two attackers, wearing "storm trooper attire" and swastika jewelry, approached the man as he was about to get in his car; the man is Polynesian, but apparently the two mistook him for being Mexican. They yelled racial slurs and then began pummeling him.

They proceeded to kick him when he fell to the ground. They then fled. The victim suffered cuts, bruises and a dislocated shoulder. He was treated at Orem Community Hospital and released.

About two hours later, two men followed a Hispanic man and his wife, as the couple drove from the same convenience store to their home at approximately 100 West 900 North. As the couple walked to the house, the two men got out of their car, yelled racial slurs at the man as they approached him and then began to beat him. They kicked him after he fell to the ground.

The attackers left after the man's wife hit one of them in the face with a flower pot. The couple was able to provide Orem police with the license plate of the vehicle the two men were driving.

Shortly before 8 p.m. police tracked the two men to an Orem apartment. Just as police prepared to close in on the apartment, two men came out, got in separate cars and headed in different directions.

Ivie is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and drunken driving.

Martin is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, drunken driving, giving false information to an officer and driving with a revoked license. He had two outstanding warrants.