A quiet night was shattered for Garth and Ina Jones when a car crashed through a picture window into their living room, injuring Ina Jones and landing the driver in jail.

Juan Arenas, 18, of Burley, was charged with a felony count of driving under the influence of alcohol after his vehicle catapulted over a snow bank in the Jones' yard and through their picture window shortly after 1 a.m., Cassia County Sheriff Bill Crystal said.Arenas' vehicle landed on Ina Jones, 51, who was lying on the sofa, and pinned her there for an hour until emergency crews could free her. She was taken to Cassia Memorial Hospital and was expected to undergo surgery for broken bones in her face and other injuries.

A nursing supervisor said Jones was in stable condition and improving late Friday afternoon.

Her husband was not injured.

Arenas suffered a broken nose in the crash and was being held in the Cassia County Jail awaiting arraignment on Monday, Crystal said.