Economic development, increasing membership, development of downtown Salt Lake City and developing strong relations with other chambers of commerce and other organizations will receive emphasis in the next 11 months from the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

The agenda for the current year is contained in a new business plan published by the chamber that will be distributed soon to chamber members, according to Paula Randolph, communications director.According to a statement in the plan by Wm. James Mortimer, chairman of the chamber's board of governors, service is the main reason the chamber exists. "In myriads of ways, the chamber serves its members, the business community, state and local governments, and the communities of Salt Lake Valley," Mortimer said.

Fred S. Ball, chamber president, said the chamber will concentrate its resources to help existing business grow, make more profit and hire more people. He said the chamber will work with government units to ensure the attitude of government toward business is conducive to growth and profits.

In outlining the number of committees the chamber has, the plan also contains a card that chamber members can detach and send in to indicate on which committees they want to serve.