A Division of Wildlife Resources official says there are no leads in the killing of a large number of deer near this small southern Utah town during the October deer hunt.

Brent Christensen, Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officer at Circleville, said that as far as he is concerned the investigation is complete, but no arrests have been made."All the local people we interviewed said non-residents did it, and all the non-residents said local people did it," he said.

Some area residents said they witnessed the shooting, claiming the deer were surrounded by a large group of hunters who "proceeded to shoot and kill everything that moved." They said the group took five deer with them and left the rest to rot, leaving the area in small pickup trucks with out-of-state license plates. Christensen said he was told 51 deer were killed, though he didn't pick up that many corpses.

"Lots of people claimed to have seen them but no one bothered to take down any license plate numbers," he said. "No one had any names or license plate numbers or any information at all. Just sizable number of deer dead."