Age: 67.Born: Crescent, Utah (which is now Sandy).

Family: wife, Ann; children, Annette Wood, Fillmore; EvAnn Weimer, Harrisburg, Pa.; 2 grandsons, Morey Weimer, 2; Benjamin Wood, 4.\ Education: B.S. and J.D., University of Utah.

Occupation: Attorney for 40 years. Now retired. Part-time mayor who works "48 hours a week."


Size: 3.2 square miles.

Population: 12,000 nighttime; 45,000 daytime.

Budget: $7 million.

Number of Employees: 52 full-time.

Mayor's salary: $7,000, plus $5,000 for expenses.


Politics: "The Democrats in Utah think I am a Democrat; the Republicans think I am a Republican. Do you think I am going to do anything to change that thinking?"

First "real" job: Fruit farmer with his father. Enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1943, after ROTC training.

Management style: Leadership. "I can get tough when I have to. I am a nice, smiling gentleman when I am happy, and people don't like to see me unhappy."

Why I like being mayor: New challenges. Meeting new people. The chance to be innovative every day. It's fun.

Why I hate being mayor: I don't.

Recipe for success: Preparation. Do a lot of delegating to employees, but supervise. Don't assume.

A memorable failure: "There would be two. The first would be to admit a failure; the second, telling you about it."

Heroes: Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

Leisure: Travel, fishing, golf.

Favorite book: "Profiles in Courage."

Favorite movie: "Dr. Zhivago."