A federal government award that recognizes volunteer work performed on the public lands by the Sorenson Ranch School in Koosharem has been presented to the school's owners, Mr. and Mrs. Burnell Sorenson.

Jerry Goodman, director of the Richfield District of the Bureau of Land Management, said students and instructors at the school have made significant contributions to the district's range and watershed programs. He added that the school's efforts have allowed the district to stretch its budget to accomplish more improvement programs and that this could not have been done in a normal time frame without the volunteer work.Fences were built by the volunteers, old fence segments removed, water protection devices built, springs developed and protected and trash gathered.

Goodman said the work has benefitted the public lands in many ways. Long-term benefits will be realized through watershed erosion control. Livestock management and riparian areas will be improved through construction of barbed wire fences. The director said the visual appearance of the lands has been improved because of the large amount of trash that was gathered by volunteers.

The award certificate was signed by Utah BLM State Director James Parker, and presented by Doug Wood and Goodman.