The Utah Business and Economic Development Board is going to get involved in the battle over the tax rollback initiatives that will be on the November ballot.

At this week's meeting, the members decided to hold a special meeting Aug. 30 at 8 a.m. in Room 6219 of the State Office Building to listen to both sides and possibly take a stand.Holding the meeting was suggested by Hugh W. Pinnock, an LDS general authority who is one of 15 board members. Pinnock said the tax rollback initiatives are serious business and should be discussed at great length.

Pinnock said the board's role is to promote economic development in Utah and the impact the rollback initiatives would have on economic development "are monumental. Everything we are working toward could abruptly come to an end."

Several days ago, Pinnock talked to University of Utah President Chase Peterson, who talked about the effects the initiatives would have on the university if they are approved by the voters.

"This is more than a tax rollback effort because the results will affect the state's image," said David K. Richards, president of Richards Industries.

During the meeting, someone from Taxpayers for Utah, a group opposing the initiatives, and initiative proponents will present their views and David J. Grant, Utah Division of Business and Economic Development director, will provide figures on how the state economic development program will be affected if the measures are approved.

Also, they will ask Thayne Robson, director of the U. Bureau of Business and Economic Research, to present some figures on how the initiatives will affect the state in 10 years.

Some board members said the immediate impact of the rollback initiatives will be "great enough," but they are worried the impact will be greater several years later such as happened in California.

After the Aug. 30 meeting, the board might produce some literature in an attempt to educate the public about the image the state will have if the initiatives are approved.