A hotel that opened eight days ago in Orlando, Fla., is offering a new service. Customers may phone or fax the Sol Orlando Village Resort Hotel in advance with a list of groceries ("snacks, beverages, even fresh ingredients for a gourmet meal"), and the hotel will have their villa refrigerator stocked when they arrive. Villas are $105-$145 through Feb. 15; (800) 336-3542.

Hyatt hotels are letting travelers check into their hotel rooms by phone. The new service is offered to members of the Hyatt Gold Passport frequent-traveler program. Membership is free. To join, phone (800) 63-HYATT. To check in by phone (after joining), call (800) CHECK-IN.A Manhattan hotel is shopping for "the world's best pillows" in order to create a "pillow bank" for its customers. The Mayfair Regent is planning to offer guests a variety of pillow options starting Jan. 15: choose from neck rolls, round pillows, crescent-shape, king-sized foam hypo-allergenic, down facial pillows (down on the sides, cotton agains t the face), wing pillows (support the shoulders), feather-neck pillows (for reading), snore-stoppers, head cradles (soft center and firm outer sides), orthopedic non-allergenic (soft and firm sections), down hypo-allergenic, wedge (for reading), back-bracer (for the whole back), water pillow (with hot or cold water), and a body pillow (five feet long, shaped like a body). There is no limit to the number a customer may request.

AIRLINE BONUSES - El Al is offering its adult-fare passengers a choice of perks this winter. The options include free round-trip flights from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Eilat, round-trip flights from Tel Aviv to Cairo for $70, three days' free Hertz car rental with unlimited mileage, a state-issued gold or silver medallion, a $100 refund on El-Al tours and up to $150 on tours from participating operators. Travelers may select only one of the incentives, which are awarded to passengers flying only Monday through Wednesday before Feb. 27.

LOT Polish Airlines is offering free rental cars in Poland to its full-fare passengers. The cars will be available from Warsaw's Okecie International Airport starting Jan. 1. Business-class passengers get a Mercedes-Benz 190 for three days. Full-fare economy-class passengers get three days' rental of a Volkswagen Golf.