The Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency will support placing a hotel on Block 57, citing a study by a California group.

The Roulac Group, based in San Francisco, recommended in a recently completed report that a 200-room hotel be built near the corner of State Street and 300 South. That's where the Brooks Arcade, a century-old historical landmark, now stands.But RDA Director Alice Larkin Steiner said the arcade does not have to be torn down to make room for the hotel. A separate consulting group is studying how the building can be preserved.

The Roulac study said a hotel on Block 57 should be geared toward business travelers because it would be too far from the Salt Palace to house convention delegates.

Meanwhile, the Historic Landmark Committee has given conditional approval for the RDA to demolish the Clayton Building, also on Block 57 (214 S. State). The building is listed on the National Historic Register.

The RDA will offer the building's valuable facade to developers who may include it in future developments on the site.