Jetway Systems Inc. has laid off 115 factory and production workers, citing a slowdown in the demand for the airline equipment the company produces.

Jetway President Richard L. Berg said the workers, who comprise about a quarter of the company's total employment, were notified Thurs-day that the layoffs would be effective Friday."We just haven't had as much productivity," Berg said. "We haven't had enough for everyone to do."

Jetway makes walkway bridges that connect airplanes to passenger terminals, plus power converters and other aircraft ground support equipment.

"We've had a holdup in orders by the airline companies," Berg said. "That's the major situation. Pan Am filed bankruptcy this week and Continental filed last week - these companies just aren't in the best shape to be making these kinds of capital expenditures."

Skyrocketing oil prices attributed to the volatile situation in the Middle East have hit airline companies hard during the past five months.