Overcoming adversity is the theme for February Noontime Networks at the YWCA. Two speakers will focus on personal struggle and evolution in celebration of February as Black History Month. Network is held every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. at the YWCA, 322 E. 300 South, and is free to the public.

- Feb. 7, Marilyn Dalton will discuss "Fighting to Live." A year ago, her cancer was diagnosed in the final stage. Against medical advice to operate, she fought for her life by depending on family support and personal strength and courage.- Feb. 14, Ila Marie Goodey, paralyzed by polio at age 3, will discuss "Staying in the Struggle."

- Feb. 21, Betty Gaines-Jones, regional administrator for the Department of Corrections, will discuss her experiences. She arrived in Utah as a single parent in 1971, earned a master's degree in social work and became the only black woman to rise to a top administrative post in a system dominated by white males.

- Feb. 28 speaker will be E. Faye Wine, Utah Coalition of African-American Women. She will talk about how the past informs the present.