Jury selection was scheduled to begin Wednesday morning for Sen. Darrell Renstrom, D-North Ogden, who is charged with forcible sexual abuse of a 19-year-old North Ogden man.

Renstrom, a local attorney and an Ogden public defender, is accused of propositioning the teenager on June 22 and then grabbing him while the two men were riding around in the senator's car.First District Judge VeNoy Christoffersen of Logan will preside over the trial, and Davis County Deputy Attorney Brian Namba will prosecute the case because of Renstrom's close ties to the Weber County legal community. An eight-member jury will be selected from a pool of 100 Weber County residents.

If convicted, the 57-year-old state senator could be sentenced to serve from one to 15 years in prison. He was arraigned on the second-degree felony charge July 18.

Renstrom was first elected to the Senate in 1972, resigning his post as assistant Weber County attorney. He is seeking re-election this November against Republican challenger Boyd K. Storey, a former Weber County commissioner.