Employees at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center got a taste treat last week as three gallons of jelly bean ice cream, made especially for President Ronald Reagan by Snelgrove's Ice Cream, were distributed at the hospital's cafeteria.

Thanks to Leo Crandall and his daughter, Jean Crandall Gutierrez, employees got to sample the specialty ice cream with a few extra jelly beans on the side. Leo, more affectionately known by hospital employees at the "Jelly Bean Man," acquired the ice cream from ice cream magnate and GOP congressional candidate Richard Snelgrove, Salt Lake City."We pestered him until we got it," Gutierrez said, "and they only charged us the regular price of $22. It was really nice of them to have sold it to me."

What makes this ice cream unique is that it is from the original batch made for the president and sent to him last month. It will probably be the only batch made. Snelgrove reported that the president liked the ice cream and wouldn't mind having some more. However, many of the hospital employees didn't agree.

Up and down the hallways in front of the cafeteria comments could be heard - "That's very interesting," "I don't like it" or "Where are the jelly beans that are supposed to be in it?"

James Tanner, manager of the cafeteria, helped Leo dish out the gooey treat, but with some reservations.

"I hear the Democrats want equal time," Tanner said. When asked what he thought they would use to sway ice-cream-loving citizens to their side, he said, "we'll probably serve trail mix."

Crandall got his nickname, the Jelly Bean Man, because of his yearly visit to the hospital to deliver jelly beans to each one of the hospital's employees. Hospital spokesman Clark Caras said Crandall spends 26 hours straight at the hospital to make employees on each shift get their package of jelly beans, which has a note attached that reads, "Jelly beans aren't worth much, but you are." For many years Crandall was president of the hospital's governing board.