A state consumer watchdog group warns Utahns to beware of solicitations from unregistered "charities" bearing names similar to legitimate organizations.

Unregistered organizations requesting donations in violation of Utah's Charitable Soliciations Act are: Cancer Fund of America, American Heart Disease, National Animal Protection, Walker Cancer Research Institute and the Pacific West Cancer Fund.Dixie Minson, director of the state's Division of Consumer Protection, said Utah households have received a rash of literature from the unregistered charities asking for donations. The mail is followed up with a phone call, requesting money be sent to a Topeka, Kan., address.

Minson said the solicitations have been statewide, but are particularly active in Salt Lake, Weber, Utah, Cache and Summit Counties.

Citizens are advised to get the solicitor's registration number and percentage of donations going to the charitable cause, then contact the division to confirm the organization's registration. Consumers are also urged to contact the division if they receive solicitation from the named unregistered organizations.

Minson said the division registers only charities that have tax exempt status, assuring consumers that their contributions are tax deductible.