The Utah Department of Transportation has disciplined 11 maintenance workers following an investigation into a Dec. 21 afternoon Christmas party that involved drinking alcohol on state property.

The luncheon party came to the attention of UDOT officials when a snowplow driver who attended the party lost control of the truck she was driving and ran it into a snow bank. But UDOT officials said the incident was not alcohol-related. They said it involved an inexperienced driver who had consumed two cans of beer at the luncheon party and then several hours later drove her plow off the road to avoid a collision with another UDOT vehicle.Nevertheless, the maintenance worker received a one-week suspension without pay. Two supervisors attending the party received the same punishment as well as demotions and pay cuts, said UDOT District II director Gene Sturzenegger.

Eight other workers at the luncheon party held in an unidentified UDOT facility in Salt Lake County will receive two-day suspensions without pay. One of the eight was a supervisor who didn't consume alcohol, but should not have condoned its use on state property, Sturzenegger said.