They're billing it as the "65th Anniversary Tour," and they're telling people to expect some surprises.

But then the Harlem Globetrotters are usually full of surprises. For years they had a routine where they'd throw a bucket of confetti on spectators after convincing them it was water. Last time out they convinced the crowd it was confetti, then drenched four rows with water.This year? Who knows? Root beer, maybe.

Whatever they have in store, the Trotters will be on their game. They'll be giving three shows in Utah. The northern Utah shows will be at the Salt Palace on Jan. 14 and the BYU Marriott Center on the 15th. Tip-off time is 7:30.

Tickets are $12 and $10 for the Salt Palace, $10 and $9 in Provo.

Again, the hapless Washington Generals will be the competition. The Generals haven't won a game since 1971, but - according to their Coach Klotz, their skipper, "The Generals are bent on revenge, so the Globetrotters better be extra careful this year." Fun stuff.

For information call 467-5996.