Damage was kept to a minimum by the fast response of the Sunset Volunteer Fire Department to Thursday night's fire in a classroom at Sunset Junior High School, according to school officials.

The department was drilling when the alarm was turned in around 8 p.m., principal Alven Hendrickson said, and fire fighters were on the scene within two minutes.Damage was limited to one classroom upstairs on the school's north end, the principal said, and some minor water damage to the room underneath it.

Hendrickson said the fire apparently started in a malfunctioning space heater in the classroom's corner near a window. The fire damaged the light fixtures, burned two or three desks, and blew out some windows in the classroom, he said, but did little other damage.

"It burned out that corner of the classroom pretty good, but we're still in business," Hendrickson said. Fire fighters and school officials stayed at the scene, cleaning up, until nearly 1 a.m. Friday. The school was not closed Friday.