A Wyoming man accused of writing more than $100,000 in worthless checks along the Wasatch Front using another man's identity pleaded not guilty to forgery and theft by deception charges Tuesday in 2nd District Court.

Charles D. Schiers, 23, Laramie, Wyo., pleaded not guilty to the two second-degree felonies and is scheduled for trial Feb. 13. He is charged with writing a bad check in Bountiful on July 22.Schiers has pleaded guilty to three second-degree felony forgery charges in Weber County in a plea negotiation with prosecutors there. An additional 10 felony forgery warrants are pending in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County, in addition to charges in Idaho, according to prosecutors.

And, they said, inquiries about Schiers are coming in from other states, including Nebraska and California.

Police investigators say Schiers took on the identity of Timothy Porter, a Weber County resident, and obtained an Idaho driver's license, using that to open checking accounts in the name of Porter and a business, Porter Lighting.

The checks were used to purchase sporting goods, power tools, and home improvement items. Detectives found about $60,000 worth of goods, still in boxes, in Schiers' mobile home in Laramie.

Schiers was refurbishing the mobile home while attending the University of Wyoming there, police said.

Investigators tracked Schiers down after Utah Crime Solvers featured the case, including a photo from the fake Idaho license, on one of its television spots. Two persons in Jackson, Wyo., where Schiers lived for awhile, saw the program and notified authorities.

Schiers was arrested Oct. 30 in Laramie. He is scheduled for sentencing on his guilty pleas in Weber County on Friday. Each charge carries a prison term of one to 15 years.

Deputy Weber County Attorney Gary Heward said the Porter family will not suffer financially from the bogus checks "but there may be some banks who are out a lot of money."

He also said when Schiers was arrested, detectives found evidence that he was about to take on another false identity.