We're looking for a little romance. And if you can help us, we'll give you dinner for two at the Glitretind at Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley.

The beauty of our contest - "The Most Romantic Date Along the Wasatch Front" - is that you don't have to have actually been on this date. All you have to do is imagine it.We're limiting it to romance along the Wasatch because, of course, anyone could imagine romance in Tahiti or Paris. But when you're handicapped by living in a place where there are very few actual French people and there are no lingering sunsets over the Pacific, you've got to learn to be more creative - to be romantic in a land of family restaurants, smog and the NBA.

Maybe your most romantic date is cross-country skiing followed by dinner in a yurt, or hot-air ballooning followed by a breakfast picnic in Park City or maybe something that doesn't even involve some sort of meal.

You might even be so imaginative that your getaway gets away with NOT doing something, although of course you'd be not doing it in style. For example, you could get dressed up for the opera (black tie, cummerbunds, the works) and then not go.

Charles Hillestad of the Queen Ann Inn in Denver, who runs a most romantic person of the year contest there, lists the opera idea among 49 other suggestions for love-inducing dates.

"Don't forget to discuss the opera you are not going to see," advises Hillestad. "You do not have to know anything about opera to have opinions on it. Wagner's eight-hour Ring series is a good one to not go to."

Most of Hillestad's other suggestions are pretty prosaic, such as renting ice skates or soaking in a hot tub. But he does have one other intriguing outing:

"Go to the Stapleton Airport gates (you'd want to substitute Salt Lake International if you want to qualify for our contest). It is a perfectly good reason to hug and kiss goodbye as the plane departs to faraway places," he explains. "Everyone else is doing it there. Why not you?"

Get your "Most Romantic Date Along the Wasatch Front" entries to us by Friday, Jan. 25. The more specific you are about your date, the more likely we'll be impressed. Feel free to spend as much money as you want or nothing at all. You don't need to be single to enter or present to win.

Send your entries to:

Most Romantic Date Along the Wasatch Front

Deseret News

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We'll announce the winner in Single-Minded on Friday, Feb. 8, just in time for Valentine's Day.