Eleven patents were awarded to Utah inventors covering a wide variety of inventions from a bird feeder to a computer communication system.

Barbara Burgett, Lehi. A "mess-free" bird feeder for a bird cage. Filed Dec. 27, 1989. Patent 4,974,546.Paul F. Turner, North Salt Lake, and Victor A. Vaguine, Salt Lake City. Applicator array and positioning system for hyperthermia. Assigned to BSD Medical Corporation, Salt Lake City. Filed Dec. 22, 1988. Patent 4,974,587.

Stephen Matern, Midvale. Flexible dishwashing accessory. Filed May 8, 1989. Patent 4,974,806.

Robert C. Emmett, Jr., Salt Lake City, and Lawrence T. O'Connor, Midvale. A reactor vessel for use in processing metal-laden solids through use of a bioleaching process. Assigned to Envirotech Corporation, Menlo Park, Calif. Filed Jan. 21, 1987, a continuation of patent 4,736,608. Patent 4,974,816.

William T. Dalebout, Logan. Rowing machine slant board. Assigned to Proform Fitness Products, Inc., Logan. Filed Feb. 16, 1990. Patent 4,974,832.

Kenneth E. Heinhold, Salt Lake City, and Duane H. Heinhold, Bountiful. Frozen dessert mixing machine. Filed July 6, 1988. Patent 4,974,965.

Thomas W. Nielson, Sandy. Key-ring pocket pen. Filed Feb. 22, 1990. Patent 4,974,982.

Jerald S. Bradshaw, Reed M. Izatt, Ronald L. Bruening Virginia B. Christensen, all of Provo; and Robert Alldredge, Westminster, Colo. A method of selectively and quantitatively removing and concentrating at least one selected ion from a multiple ion solution. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Filed Apr. 10, 1989. Patent 4,975,379.

Verl B. Greenhalgh, Murray. Glass membrane touch-controlled circuit apparatus for voltage selection. Assigned to Spectra Symbol Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 13, 1989. Patent 4,975,676.

Paul D. Losee, Layton; Michael R. Lyon, Roy; and Matthew W. Pettit, Morgan. A magnetic head assembly using a Bernoulli effect transducer coupler. Assigned to Iomega Corporation, Roy. Filed Mar. 27, 1989. Patent 4,975,794.

George E. Gerpheide, Salt Lake City; Kerry D. Sharp, Riverton; Daniel J. Lee, Salt Lake City; David C. Olsen, Kaysville; David B. Meyer and Mark E. Kohagen, both of Salt Lake City. A computer communication system for transferring data between a plurality of nodes. Assigned to Dayna Communications, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Dec. 5, 1988. Patent 4,975,830.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C. 20231.