Nearly seven in 10 car owners forbid passengers to smoke in their vehicles and a majority would rather not have ashtrays or lighters in their cars, a new survey has found.

The J.D. Power and Associates 1991 Vehicle Performance Index, which measures owner attitudes and satisfaction after two to three years of ownership, found only 31 percent of respondents permit smoking in their car.The study also found that 55 percent of the respondents replied "yes" to the question, "Would you prefer some other items as standard equipment in place of your cigarette lighter?" Fifty-three percent said the same thing about ashtrays.

European vehicle owners were the staunchest anti-smoking group, at 78 percent, followed by owners of Asian cars at 72 percent and domestic-car owners at 68 percent.

The top six smokeless cars were all European: BMW and Saab, 84 percent; Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, 82 percent; Porsche, 81 percent and Audi, 80 percent.