Brigham Young University is trying to make a small dent in the shortage of married-student housing in Provo.

The city Planning Commission has approved plans for University Neighborhood, an on-campus project of 136 units at 900 E. 1750 North."We hope this will give some minor relief," said Harold Redd, director of housing at BYU. "We could use a lot more, and maybe the city could provide some help, though we haven't heard anything yet."

Redd said the university thinks the project will be done in about a year, but that is tentative.

Norm Faldmo from BYU's planning department said he expects bids for the project to go out in about March. "The project is still in the planning stages," he said.

Redd said, "Our hope is that this will reduce the waiting list for married housing."

Nine hundred married couples are on the waiting list for on-campus housing. With 818 units in Wymount Terrace and 150 in Wyview Park, the 136 new units may not do too much.

But it will help, Redd said. "Anybody I've talked to seems to think it is a positive thing."

The waiting list has been as high as 1,200 at the beginning of fall semesters, he said. But it has been fairly stable and hasn't dropped below 900 in a few years.

The new development will include 15 buildings, all two-bedroom units, and will resemble the current married-student housing at Wymount Terrace.

Construction will be in the pie-shaped area that has been used by Wymount Terrace residents to plant small gardens in the summer.

Redd said BYU's appearance before the Planning Commission on Wednesday was the first official announcement by the university of the new housing.

To live in the new apartments, students need to apply through the same channels as they do for Wymount Terrace or Wyview Park, Redd said.