Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon for Lt. Ben Forbes, a 28-year veteran of the Salt Lake County sheriff's office . He was 55.

Friends of the homicide lieutenant said he had learned in November he had lung cancer. On Jan. 6, 1991, the disease took his life."It is a tremendous loss to our county and to the sheriff's office," former Sheriff N.D. "Pete" Hayward said.

Lt. Forbes was born in Glasgow, Scotland.

During his career as a detective, Lt. Forbes worked a number of crime details. But most of his career was spent in the sheriff's homicide division, where he was instrumental in solving some of Utah's most notorious homicides, including the Ted Bundy, Mark Hofmann, Arthur Gary Bishop and Ronnie Lee Gardner cases.

"Ben worked in the detective division for a tremendous amount of time. To describe Ben would be just as a dedicated individual. He lived and breathed his work," Hayward said.