Deon and Deondre are 6-year-old identical twins born in January 1985. Like most twins, the boys are very attached to each other and where you find one, you are certain to find the other.

They like wrestling with each other, riding bikes and swimming. Cartoons and "Sesame Street" are their favorite TV shows. Making up adventures outdoors keeps these inquisitive and fun-loving boys busy and happy.Deon and Deondre show cognitive delays and therefore attend a school for the mentally handicapped. They have completed kindergarten, and it is expected that special education classes will be needed throughout their school years. Medication helps control their hyperactivity.

Deondre gets along well with everyone, though he takes a bit longer than his brother to warm up to people. Deon doesn't do as well with other children and is sometimes rough and destructive with his toys.

A two-parent family of similar ethnic background is preferred for these boys, though all interested families will be considered. An adoption subsidy may be available.