Here is the latest batch of House and Senate bills pre-filed for the 1991 Legislature, which convenes Jan. 14.

House Bills filedHB10 (Wright) - Amends the fees for amateur radio operator license plates.

HB70 (LeBaron) - Changes the Sunset Act's expiration dates.

HB74 (Burningham) - Provides that information obtained or produced by the Utah Technology Finance Corporation be confidential.

HB75 (Lewis) - Provides for the voluntary certification of dispute resolution providers and creates a board to establish qualifications.

HB76 (Bradford) - Authorizes municipalities to form improvement districts for economic promotion activities.

HB77 (Julander) - Provides that each school district employ a registered nurse to promote health of students in public schools.

HB78 (Burningham) - Provides that teaching scholarships may be used in any institution of higher education that offers state-approved teacher education programs.

HB79 (Valentine) - Reduces the criminal penalties for purchase, possession, consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages to minors

HB80 (Julander) - Amends procederes for issuing protective orders for children.

HB81 (Pignanelli) - Amends the penalties for failure to file a tax return and pay taxes.

HB82 (Garn) - Expands the detail and current filing of lobbyist disclosure statements, changes the lobbyist filing fee and provides for penalties for failure to comply.

HB83 (Hull) - Specifies responsibility for paying certain health-care insurance claims.

HB84 (Tuttle) - Creates a task force to study public safety needs and appropriates $10,000 toward that end.

HB85 (Valentine) - Allows municipalities to include filing fees as overhead costs for improvement assessments.

HB86 (Valentine) - Makes the collection of county fees discretionary.

HB87 (Fox) - Requires that a person renting a vehicle to another is primary insurer.

HB88 (R. Evans) - Prohibits gifts to state legislators under certain circumstances and requires disclosure of conflict of interest by elected state officials.

HB89 (Milner) - Requires an affirmative action plan for state government.

HB90 (Bishop) - Makes minor changes to the Administrative Procedures Act.

HB91 (Stephens) - Requires that before public education text books can be destroyed, they must be offered to other public schools.

HB92 (Oscarson) - Revises and provides for prosecution of prostitution.

HB93 (G. Brown) - Reduces redemption period for delinquent property tax.

HB94 (Brown) - Requires registration and disclosure of lobbyists and their contributions to state officers.

HB95 (Dmitrich) - Designates coal as the official state rock.

HB96 (Slack) - Provides that an order to stop payment on a check must state a valid reason to do so.

HB97 (Burningham) - Clarifies how interest may be used in the Utah Arts Endowment Fund.

HB98 (Ellertson) - Changes provisions in appointment of a guardian ad litem in cases alleging child abuse, sexual abuse, neglect.

HB99 (Adams) - Makes technical changes in the Revisor's Act.

HB100 (G. Brown) - Appropriates $250,000 for a state centinnial history project.

HB101 (Harward) - Makes technical amendments to the Declaratory Judgment Act.

HB102 (J.R. Hunter) - Amends the definition of medicine under the state's revenue and taxation statutes.

HB103 (Dmitrich) - Directs the Board of State Parks and Recreation to make rules providing for a 50 percent discount on camping fees for Utah residents 62 years of age or older.

HB104 (Davis) - Amends the eligibility requirements for a person to participate in tax abatement and deferral programs.

HB105 (Pignanelli) - Makes assault on a police officer a third-degree felony.

HB106 (Ostler) - Provides for contracts for court bailiff services and court security needs.

HB107 (Ostler) - Makes it a class C misdemeanor to operate an uncertified boiler or pressure vessel.

HB108 (Ostler) - Grants rulemaking authority to the Industrial Commission.

HB109 (Slack) - Amends the circumstances under which the county clerk may remove names from voter registration rolls.

HB110 (Jones) - Authorizes the Department of Health to pay insurance premiums for qualified persons with AIDS.

HB111 (Price) - Authorizes local health departments and local mental health authorities to subscribe to the state motor pool.

HB112 (Stephens) - Allows the State Board of Regents to issue, sell and deliver revenue bonds to finance construction projects at six institutions.

HB113 (Frandsen) - Provides a finance mechanism for small business development and creates a tax credit.

HB114 (J. Moody) - Eliminates the opportunity for owners of 50 percent of the value of property in local taxing units to protest the establishment of a service district.

HB115 (Hendrickson) - Reduces from 18 to 16 years the age requiring parental consent for marriage.

HB116 (Wright) - Provides that the practice of artificial insemination of animals is not limited to veterinarians and requires sires to be free of disease.

HCR5 (R. H. Hunter) - Designates June 22-29 as Utah Summer Games week and commends the Summer Games Foundation and Cedar City for sponsoring the games.

HCR6 (Burningham) - Adopts a vision statement for Utah.

HCR7 (Allen) - Commemorates Pearl Harbor day as Dec. 7.

HCR8 (Short) - Recognizes Utahns serving in Operation Desert Shield.

HJR5 (Milner) - Recognizes the 10th anniversary of the Sundance Institute and honors those who have made it the premier independent film organization in the United States.

HJR6 (Adams) - Interim rule changes for the Legislature.

HJR7 (Wright) - Amends the state Constitution to limit terms of legislators and state elected officials to eight consecutive years.

HJR8 (J.R. Hunter) - Rescinds the state's request that Congress call a constitutional convention on balanced budget amendment.

HJR9 (J.R. Hunter) - Encourages Congress to pass a law limiting the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in cases involving desecration of the American flag.

HJR10 (Atkinson) - Proposes an amendment to the Utah Constitution expanding the terms of representatives from two to four years and limiting representatives to three terms and expanding the terms of senators from four to six years and limiting senators to two terms.

Senate Bills filed

SB26 (Black) - Establishes minimum mandatory fines for overweight vehicles.

SB27 (Steele) - Requires certain motor vehicles to have mud-guards.

SB28 (Barlow) - Amends the property tax exemption for residences.

SB29 (Baird) - Makes aggravated assault a second-degree felony.

SB30 (Leavitt) - Provides for site-based decisionmaking programs in the public schools.

SB31 (Leavitt) - Requires universities and colleges with NCAA Division I sports to have home-and-home competition each year in those sports.

SB32 (Steele) - Prohibits the use of corporal punishment in schools and provides guidelines for using reasonable physical force.

SB33 (Leavitt) - Exempts from execution any property on which there is a judgment for failure to pay another state's income tax on retirement benefits.

SB34 (Rees) - Reorganizes the Division of Environmental Health into the Department of Environmental Quality.

SB35 (Hillyard) - Adds interest received from foreign securities or obligations to federal taxable income.

SB36 (Rees) - Provides an exemption from the sales tax for items that use cleaner-burning fuels.

SB37 (Holmgren) - Provides definitions for the timely payment of insurance claims.

SB38 (Finlinson) - Allows higher education institutional councils to establish executive committees.

SB39 (Leavitt) - Provides for victims of crime to be notified upon the release of their offenders from prison.

SB40 (Rees) - Amends the emissions inspection program to require government vehicles comply with the program.

SB41 (Fordham) - Makes technical amendments to the county personnel management law, removing exemptions for certain counties.

SB42 (Rees) - Prohibits the operation or sale of a motor vehicle if the federally required pollution control devices are not functioning properly.

SB43 (Hillyard) - Authorizes certain Utah electric power agencies to allow public agencies in contiguous states to participate and vote as members of the Utah Public Agency.

SB44 (C.A. Peterson, Hillyard) - Provides for justice centers for children who are victims of abuse.

SB45 (Richards) - Clarifies the drug offense forfeiture jurisdiction.

SB46 (Bunnell) - Amends the procedures used by counties in tax sales.

SB47 (Baird, Hillyard) - Revises the power of sheriffs to classify jail inmates.

SB48 (Barlow) - Eliminates the monetary threshold for personal injury protection.

SB49 (Beattie) - Amends the burglar alarm certification act.

SB50 (McAllister) - Makes technical corrections to the revenue recognition standards.

SB51 (Money) - Clarifies parental responsibility to pay for pregnancy and support of the children of their unemancipated child.

SR1 (C.E. Peterson) - Revises Senate rules and changes the names of standing committees.

SCR1 (Barlow) - Honors Chase N. Peterson for his eight years as president of the University of Utah.

SJR1 (C.E. Peterson) - Clarifies committee quorum requirements.

SJR2 (C.G. Peterson) - Recommends Congress enact a Utah wilderness bill designating no more than 1.4 million acres.

SJR3 (Nielsen) - Requests Congress release Highway Trust Fund moneys to states for use on highways.

SJR4 (Money) - Approves the reappointments of Richard V. Strong as director of the Office of Legislative Research and M. Gay Taylor as legislative general counsel.