Police have given up trying to locate the parents of a baby found abandoned Nov. 1 on the front porch of an Ogden east bench home.

Captain Marlin Balls said Thursday that as far as he's concerned, the case is closed.A police report stated that 75-year-old Melba Bingham found the baby wrapped in a white towel in a cardboard box on her front porch.

The newborn baby girl was taken to McKay-Dee Hospital and turned over to the Division of Family Services.

"As far as I know, the baby has to be in a foster home for six months before she can be adopted," said Balls. "I understand that the foster family is going to adopt her."

The captain said police tried in vain to locate the parents. He said he received no telephone tips, which leads him to believe the parents aren't from this area.

The baby had no clothes on and was lying on a blue foam-rubber eggcrate pad. Hospital officials said she was in good condition. Doctors determined that she was less than 24 hours old and born outside a hospital. The female Caucasian weighed seven pounds 10 ounces and had thick dark brown hair.