Get your rice, toast and newspapers ready (no water balloons, please), "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is back in town this weekend for two midnight (actually 11:30) showings, Friday and Saturday, at the Murray Theater, 4961 S. State St.Tickets are $10 each (tax deductible) and benefit the Independent Film Foundation's efforts to renovate and reopen the Tower Theater as a non-profit art movie theater.

The outrageous R-rated musical spoof of horror and science-fiction movies has been the most popular cult film of all time for more than a decade and was just released for the first time on video. (It stars then-unknown Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and Tim Curry.)

But fans know the only way to really see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is with an appreciative audience of people who know when to shout Brad's vulgar nickname, when to put newspapers over their heads and when to start dancing the "Time Warp."

The uninitiated are advised to wear a raincoat, lest they get very wet.

There will also be a costume contest for those who dress up as characters in the film, a raffle ($1 per ticket) for a copy of the "Rocky Horror" video, as well as posters, T-shirts, film passes and like items.