Thousands of demonstrators marched through the capital Friday to protest the deaths of four people during an anti-government rally a day earlier.

The main socialist opposition party Friday was debating whether to put forward a censure motion againt the conservative government of Premier Constantine Mitsotakis, its press office said."Why hasn't the government fallen? The faster it does the better," former Premier Andreas Papandreou, leader of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, told reporters.

Mitsotakis blamed his political opponents for inciting the riots.

In Friday's protest, demonstrators marched through the city from in front of the old Athens University buildings in downtown Athens, shouting "Burn down Parliament!" Police reported no serious incidents in Friday's protest.

The four people whose deaths the marchers were protesting died in a building burned down during Thursday's demonstration. At least 83 people, including 23 police, were injured during Thursday's demonstration.

Students have been occupying thousands of high schools around the country for several weeks to protest a government decision to enforce stricter controls on appearance and attendance at state-run institutions.

The government backed down, but the occupations continued, leading to friction between government and opposition party supporters who backed the students.