Looking for a home that takes full advantage of a view facing out over a gentle slope? Or perhaps you're thinking of building on a corner lot. Whichever it is, the unusually shaped McCORD is designed to fill either requirement.

Windows along the back offer striking vistas from the living-dining room, master suite and bedroom while high, multipaned windows on the front and side make the home equally attractive from either viewing angle.A tiled, skylit entry opens into a high-ceilinged living-dining room. Just around the corner to the right, a fireplace is tucked into the interesting angle created by the entry. To the left, and four steps up, is an elevated kitchen designed to reconcile two conflicting needs: Individuals working in the kitchen can easily maintain visual and verbal contact with family and friends socializing in the great room, but guests on the lower level can't see messes in the kitchen.

A large, walk-in pantry augments the already ample storage space, and both the kitchen and the equally spacious nook offer views to the front. Parents of young children will appreciate this feature, along with the placement of the second bedroom close to the master suite.

The master suite is chock full of unusual angles. It has a walk-in closet and two lavatories, one in the sky-lit water closet and the other in a small dressing area. An angled deck is accessible from both the master suite and the nook.

For a study plan of the McCORD (208-25), send $7.50 to Landmark Designs, P.O. Box 2307, Eugene, OR 97402. Be sure to specify plan name and number when ordering. Designers, architects and readers with plans they would like to see featured also are invited to contact Landmark.